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We look forward to introducing you to some of our valued clients. We'd like to showcase their sunrooms, their stories and their advise. 

Additionally we thought you'd like to see what our clients had to say about, well, everything. Click on the questions below to see the responses.

Hurst-9 copy

Immediately on purchasing our new home (2004). We started to research sunrooms. When house hunting we always viewed with the possibility of adding a sunroom.

We wanted to be sure it would blend with the house. We did not want it to look "stuck on". We did not want it to be a lengthy construction or too costly for our budget.

                                                                                                                                                                 Donald & Mary Jane H.                                                                                                                                                                    Fonthill


Dear Bill:

It was our great fortune to visit your display at the St Catharines Home Show this spring. Arrangements were made to have you develop an estimate for our home. 

Your subsequent visit left us with enough information to consider both Vertical and Horizontal Weather Master Systems. When you returned, less than a week later, we had the opportunity to discuss the possibilities and consider all our options. A Proposal was then drafted reflecting our choice. 

When we requested yet another consultation, you were there the next day.

What wonderful service! We have got exactly what we pictured! It was on time, within budget and presented thoughtfully. Your input on design considerations was invaluable.

We have had additions, garages, pools, hot tubs and countless other renovations to our homes over the years. Yet I do not believe I have ever gotten better value, usage time or increased resale value than with this Aztec Enclosure. Thanks for the service!

Sincerely, Alan S


Dear Bill,

We would just like to extend to you our sincere thanks for the excellent help you provided for our three season room. Your knowledge of the product and help guiding us through the successful completion of our room, was greatly appreciated. 

We are very pleased with our sunroom and use it daily.

Please feel free to drop by whenever you are in the North end. 

Sincere thanks, Joanne & Ken A.

In 2001, we purchased a beautiful piece of property surrounded by woodlands out in the country. We set about making changes"renovated the kitchen, dug out and widenedthe pond, installed a waterfall, landscaped the front and back yards. And then 2 years ago we had an Aztec enclosure installed on the back of our house.  It took about a week from start to finish and the effect was amazing. Installation went smoothly with no fuss or muss. But we still didn't realize just how important this project was. After the first season, we knew was one of the best decisions we made and we can hounestly say we wished we had done it much sooner. We use it from the first warm rays in the spring usually in April till the last of the warmth leaves the earth in the fall usually the beginning of November. We've brougt in super comfortable lounging chairs and a pullout couch for our grandchildren to sleep on in the summer as well as a table and chairs for eating. We spend many happy hours listening to the sounds of bullfrogs and birds and nature teeing around us as we sit quietly and talk or read together as dusk falls. We can enjoy the outdoors from breakfast time to bedtime - no smelly bug spray - no sticky sunscreen and of course that means no itchy mosquito bites. 

Our children are trying to figure out how they can incorporate something like this into their homes. Guests are impressed. Grandkids do crafts on the table and I feel like they've had the advantage of playing outdoors with out all the restrictions. I could go on and on but I have to leave now. I've spent too much time at the computer. I need to go to the sunroom to relax in the best room in the house.

Catherine G.

This summer (2010) I ran into my screen door full force, and bent the frame but that screen didn't budge! Bill was kind enough to supply a new one at no cost which was totally unexpected. I would & do continually recommend Aztec Enclosures to anyone interested in sunrooms. I gave out your cards this summer to visitors that came through my garden as I was on the Niagara Falls Garden Walk this year. Everyone who came through (excess of 300 people ) commeted on the sunroom and how well it fits in with the house & yard.

Thank you!

Chris & Russ C.

Just wanted to call to say those guys were great. They did an excellent job. I watched them do it and eve when they were tucking in the ice shield and everything the guy was taking really nice care.

I'm more than happy with the guys. They cleaned up after themselves.

Paul G.

To Whom it may concern,

I had a room built by Bill Hind in 1989. The work was well done and all minor adjusments were made quickly.

In 1993 I had a second room built by Bill, also extremely well done, with all problems fixed promptly.

I would definitely recommend the work done by Bill and I think they are the best available.

Sincerely, Shirley M.

Thanks Bill

The patio looks FANTASTIC! I can see my backyard now!! Wishing you All the Best! Happy Up Coming Holidays. 

Lucy K.

Why did you choose to purchase your sunroom from Aztec Enclosures?

What advise would you give someone considering a sunroom of their own?

Would you encourage anyone else to consider a sunroom?

How do you use your sunroom?

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