How do you use your sunroom? 

We live in it! Reading, relaxing, eating, napping, enjoying our garden view, entertaining, play area for grandchildren. It's even nice on a rainy day - sound of raindrops on the roof.

Mary Jane & Donald H.


Like a living room - for relaxation - as an overflow for family dinners - breakfast nook.

Catherine G.


Mostly as a playroom/mudroom right now, with 2 small boys - transitioning into a living space in warmer weather. Storage during cold weather. 

Meredyth C.


All of the above (entertaining, reading, cards) plus eating, watching fireplace, watching tv & bird watching. No bugs!

Gail & Bill H. 

Port Colborne

We eat most meals in it from May to September. We entertain, read and relax in it looking at the lake.

William & Mary G.


During this summer we enjoy it for coffee, lunches, reading, etc.

John B. 


Al of the above (entertaining, reading, cards, etc). RELAXING.

Peter & Judy V.

Port Colborne

Ventilation in summer. A place to sit bug free.

Robert J.


Relax/ suppers/ evenings/ New Years Day.


Summer use for dining and cards.

Lois F. 

Niagara Falls

From spring to fall - we use it for everything.

Fred G.


- mud room - entrance way - summer sitting room

Bob & Judy 

Niagara Falls

During the sumer, we practically live there. All our meals & entertaining is done there.

Ziggy S.


More for weather or temperature control.

Mr & Mrs Albu


Reading, quilting, crochet, knitting, etc…

Gilberte T.


Relaxation, meals, watching tv, enjoying surrounding yard (without bugs)

Don J.


Everything, eating, reading, computer work, sewing, watching tv, entertaining, eat all meals.

Diane F.


We live out there as soon as the weather is warm enough - we eat lunch & dinner and watch tv out there during the day & evening. Great place to enjoy a good thunderstorm! All our friends are impressed by the room.

Terry & Jan G.


Sun protection - Relaxing - Sitting & lounging around.

Rick C. 

Niagara Falls

All of the above (entertaining, reading, cards, etc) plus napping and breakfast.

James F.

St Catharines

It's marvelous. All of the above. Sometimes in the winter, I put food or drinks in the room It acts as my cold cellar, instead of me going downstairs to the cold cellar.

Dave & Sharon R.

Jordan Station

We use it for parties - wathing tv in the spring through late fall. We set u the Xmas tree in there - any opportunity we get to use it we do!

William & Jenny D.

Niagara Falls

All of the above (entertaining, reading, cards, etc). We live outside from March to Nov!

Chris & Russ C.

Niagara Falls

We use it as often as we can. In hot or cold weather. We absolutely love it to death! wish we would of made it a little bigger because of the hot tub.

Sid & Erica H.


Mainly enjoying the fresh air it offers without the nuisances of the wind, bees & mosquitoes. Extension of early spring and late fall periods of time to enjoy the outdoors. 

Ed & Lucy S.

Niagara Falls

Everything - we virtually live in it from May thru Oct.

Tony E.


A place for breakfast for our B&B, the remainder of the day a happy place for ourselves.

Bob & Della K.

St Catharines

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