Sunshades have become an increasngly popular option for our sunroom clients. 

We all love the sun. It’s why we love the outdoors. But being able to control the sun on our terms is the ultimate goal. Whether it’s controlling the heat or the light or maybe just a little privacy, Sunshades are perfect for your sunroom. 

Our Sunshades are all custom made to fit the windows in your sunroom. All of your windows or a select few. They can be ordered when purchasing your sunroom or after you’ve been enjoying your sunroom for awhile. We have a wide selection of fabrics and colours to choose from. 


The openness of the fabric determines the amount of light coming in and the visibility to the outside. On the left, the middle Sunshade is fully open and theres Bill. On the right, the middle Sunshade is fully closed and we can still see Bill. But he cant see us!  The tighter the openness (weave) of the blind fabric, the less light comes in and the less visibility out.

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