Sola-Shade Insulated Patio Covers

This patio cover is stylish, affordable and our most popular. 

  • Affords you 100% shade and lowers the temperature under your patio cover.
  • The Insulated Patio Cover is a pressure cap roof system that is  built using commercial grade, engineered structural panels. Built to withstand highwinds and carry even the heaviest of snowloads. 
  • The panels are comprised of a foamcore centre with an aluminum skin on both sides. 

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  • The exterior finish of the panels is a stucco embossed aluminum available in white or driftwood.  The standard white finish reflects the sun to keep the underside cooler in summer.
  • Panels are available in thicknesses of 3, 4 and 6 inches to accommodate different R value requirements and varying snowload and structural requirements. 
  • With fully integrated extruded eavestrough and fascia, our Insulated Patio Cover is built to withstand the elements and maintain it's beauty for years to come. 
  • The extruded aluminum eavestrough and fascia are available in white, driftwood, bronze and black. 
  • The perfect choice for anyone considering adding a screen wall or sunroom wall system in the future. After all, we use the same system for all of our sunrooms.

     R Values                                        

3" Roof - R12          4" Roof - R16              6" Roof - R24  

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