Retractable Awnings

Sun or shade? With a retractable awning, the choice is yours.  At Aztec Enclosures, we have chosen an elite retractable awning to offer our clients. Our choice….STOBAG. Stobag is a world renowned manufacturer of awnings and shade products. A Swiss company focused on quality, with a wide array of shade products. 

Stobag Box awning from Aztec Enclosures

Box Awning

The awning fabric retracts into a box housing, keeping the fabric and arms protected from the elements with a discreet profile.

Stobag PERGOLINO Awning from Aztec Enclosures

Pergola Awning

Support posts and track system offer superior stability.


Stobag Folding Arm awning from Aztec Enclosures


         Folding Arm Awning

Adjustable incline for shade control*

Stobag vertical shade from Aztec Enclosures

Vertical Shade

Add on for shade from setting sun. Also provides privacy and wind protection.

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