Vertical Shade

Stobag vertical shade system from Aztec Enclosures

Maybe you have an existing roof and just need some vertical shade. Something to keep the sun from coming in under your cover.  You can add the Ventosol Vertical shade system to solve that problem.  

Stobag ventosol vertical shade from Aztec Enclosures

Besides more shade, you have the additional benefit of more privacy and wind protection.  Don’t you just want to get out of that breeze sometimes? 

Stobag ventosol close up of SIR system from Aztec Enclosures

  • Operates manually or powered.
  • When not in use, the fabric is protected in the storage cassette.
  • 400 fabric choices. 
  • Available in screen for screen room. The SIR* System keeps bugs out.
  • Very high wind stability.**


*     The SIR System (Soft Integrated Retaining System) works like a zip, guaranteeing a tight seal.

**   Thanks to the SIR System (Soft Integrated Retaining System), the Ventosol withstands winds of up to 120 km/hr. Wind tunnel tested 6-1/2 x 7 foot. 

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