WeatherMaster Enclosure

This 3 season vinyl four track sunroom, known as the WeatherMaster Enclosure, has all of the advantages of a screen room and  a 3 season sunroom rolled into one. This model has quickly become our most popular!  And why not?!  It has all of the appeal of a screen room, with none of the disadvantages. It provides a wonderfully open and airy space that appeals to the nature lover in all of us. 

Talk about being able to take a punch!   The View Flex vinyl of the WeatherMaster window is incredible! 


If you've spent time down south, then it's likely that you've seen this product before. Invented to withstand hurricane force winds in the South, this room has since become a favourite throughout the North American market. Of course, modifications have been made to meet the rigorous demands of the Ontario Building Code. The obvious one being, snowload capacity.

our vinyl window panel holds the weight of a man standing on it.

I wouldn't say you could walk all over this product, but apparently, you can stand on it!  I wouldn't recommend trying this at home. This demonstration was performed in a controlled environment with appropriate steps taken to protect the stunt person. ( Anxious co-workers at the ready to catch their comrade should he fall over.)

10+ reasons to choose the WeatherMaster Enclosure over a three season glass sunroom.

  1. The WeatherMaster Vinyl Four Track Enclosure offers up to 75% ventilation possible with it's unique vertical window system.
  2. Able to ventilate from top or bottom affording you more control of the amount of air flow.
  3. Vinyl glazed panels do not conduct heat or cold like single pane glass, therefore keeping more heat out in the summer and more in during the winter.
  4. Because they don't conduct heat or cold, vinyl glazed panels do not fog or condensate like single pane glass. 
  5. The View Flex vinyl of the the WeatherMaster is a resilient 10 ml vinyl. It's strong - see above!
  6. The View Flex vinyl of the the WeatherMaster Enclosure is available in four tints at no extra charge. Clear, Smoke, Bronze and Dark Grey.
  7. Able to vary the tint throughout the sunroom to suit your needs.
  8. The WeatherMaster Enclosure is safer. Single pane glass is easy to break. Blowing debris during a storm, roughhousing children or pets. You'll have peace of mind with the WeatherMaster Enclosure.
  9. The View Flex vinyl has a 10 year warranty. That's right. I said 10 (ten) years. Single pane glass is only warranteed against manufacturers defect for 1 (one) year.
  10.  In the event of damage, WeatherMaster vinyl panes are easily replaced or repaired at no cost to you while under warranty. (Remember, we said 10 years.)
  11. 100% screen coverage. 
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