Sunrooms General

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What is a sunroom?  What's in it for you, because after all, that's what really matters. 

Having a sunroom is about bringing the outdoors in. It's about light and airiness and the all important view. It's about a casual and relaxing lifestyle.

A sunroom enhances the quality of your outdoor living by extending it. Not only from a calendar perspective but by optimizing the time that you do have. 

How many times have you been chased indoors by mosquitos or wasps? How often have you been confined indoors because of rain?  

Not only can a sunroom maximize your existing outdoor living opportunities, it will create new ones.  It's like having a mini vacation every day. 

What are you waiting for?

Choose from a screen room, 3 season vinyl glazed, 3 season glass or all season. 


Although it may look like it, these folks are not models.

They're real clients!

Top 10+ Reason to Own a Sunroom of Your Own.

  1. Sit outdoors more often. Don't be kept off of your patio because of the sun's intensity. Enjoy the sunshine without being in it.
  2. Enjoy a relaxing environment that brings the outdoors in.
  3. Escape pesky mosquitoes so you don't have to call it quits at dusk.
  4. Enjoy outdoor dining without irritating wasps.
  5. Sit outdoors in all types of weather.
  6. Enjoy a view. Scenery or your own garden handiwork or perhaps a pool.
  7. Enclose a hot tub/spa. 
  8. Extend your outdoor living season at both ends. Be the envy of your friends and neighbours. The first to see that spring has sprung.
  9. Leave your furniture outdoors all year long. Don't worry about storing it. 
  10. Our engineered sunroom products meet the demands of the Ontario Building Code - Snowload, wind force and support requirements.
  11. It's custom designed for you and your needs.

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