What advise would you give someone considering a sunroom of their own?

Check out Aztec!

Mary Jane & Donald H.


Get on the work list early in the year.

Tom & Pat G.

Niagara Falls

Call you.

Jim G. 


Ask yourself just what do I expect to use this room for. Just good weather or winter too. Then build accordingly.

Ralph & Lynda R.

St Catharines

Do it sooner rather than later.

Larry & Bonnie Mc.

Niagara Falls

Call Aztec Enclosures.

Bob & Della K.

St Catharines

Go for it.

Audrey V.

Niagara Falls

Go with Aztec.

Shirl & Al T.

Call Bill Hind (Aztec).

Tony E.


Look at your circumstance & use time & make your decision.

If you're going to heat it, figure this out first.

Lisa N.

Glass or vinyl windows - definitely vinyl.

Luann T.


Contact Aztec.

Ed & Lucy S.

Niagara Falls

To call Aztec and ask for Bill Hind. 



Do it, go for it! There is something about looking outside when you can see right to the ground. 

Sid & Erica H.


Talk to people who have sunrooms, see what they like & dislike and then discuss with the salesperson as they have lots of ideas also.

Chris & Russ C.

Niagara Falls

Make sure it's big enough so that it doesn't become a "junk" room.

Lorraine & Bill H. 

Niagara Falls

Buy from Aztec!

William & Jenny D.

Niagara Falls

Get one and buy from Aztec Enclosures.

Dave & Sharon R.

Jordan Station

Look at several, pick the one best suited to your needs and budget.

James F.

St Catharines

We should have looked you guys up about 5 years ago, so we could have enjoyed our backyard more.

Rick C.

Niagara Falls

Buy now - don't wait.

Robert J.


Heat floor. Water or electric. 

Larry M.

Niagara Falls

Definitely to consider Aztec Enclosures.

Terry & Jan G.


Go as big as you can afford.

Nancy & Gary J.

Niagara Falls

Don't hesitate.

Diane F.


Don't try and "save space". The extra cost of adding a few square feet is preferred to the second guessing after completion.

Don J.


To consult Aztec first.

Gilberte T.


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