Would you encourage anyone else to consider a sunroom?

Definitely. We get so much enjoyment and wonder why everyone doesn't have one. With the windows all opened, its like being outside, but no bugs or hot sun.

Donald & Mary Jane H.


Yes I would because we can watch birds, squirrels and nature in general. 

Ralph & Lynda R.

St Catharines

Yes! More space.

Jean Marc G.


Yes. (We) tell everyone who looks at sunroom your name.

Shirl & Al T.


Yes. Like being outside with no bugs.

LuAnn T.


Yes. No bugs. No rain.

Lorraine & Bill H.

Niagara Falls

Yes. Good investment and very enjoyable.

Robert J.


Yes. Convenience of extra room. Enhance home value.

Larry M.

Niagara Falls

Yes! You feel outdoors & are protected from sun & critters.

Nancy & Gary J.

Niagara Falls

Yes. It's a good value in this model & price point.

Al & Sandra S. 

St Catharines

Yes, because they all love it.

Claudette R.

St Catharines

Yes, definitely - The way it opens up to an outdoor area is awesome.

Bob & Della K.

St Catharines

Yes - you can stay outside all day rain or shine. No bugs!

Tony E.


Absolutely! For the simple reason of adding more space and room to your home. It is our summer cottage looking out at our pool.

Sid & Erica H.


Yes, they are an excellent means of being outdoors evein in the inclement weather.

Chris & Russ C.

Niagara Falls

Absolutely. It gives us so much more living space - it allows us to open our doors and double our kitdhen area. It's like being away at a cottage and not having to leave home.

William & Jenny D.

Niagara Falls

Yes. It's the greatest.

Dave & Sharon R.

Jordan Station

If someone was complaining about the sun and heat on their deck, I would tell them what we did and what the patio cover has done for us.

Rich C.

Niagara Falls

Most definitely - a relaxing place to enjoy our yard and the summer without being bothered by bugs or bad weather.

Terry & Jan G.


Absolutely, spend more time "outside".

Diane F.


Yes - Extra living space & beiing close to the outdoors with no bugs.

Fred G.


Yes. A place to enjoy outdoors without being eaten by bugs.

Robert J.


Yes - Get a lot more use out of your patio.

Peter & Judy V.

Port Colborne

Yes, certainly, have already told others our satisfaction with your company.

John B.


Yes because it doubles the time outside an I am an "outside" guy.

William & Mary G.


We have already. Why - Professional from start to finish.

Gail & Bill H.

Port Colborne

Fells like a "getaway".

Meredyth C.


Yes - great addition to anyone who can use extra sunlight!

Catherine G.


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